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Broken Ties Free Download PC Game Full Version

Broken Ties Free Download PC Game Full Version and mobile was released and is available now on this page.

Broken Ties Free Download

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About Broken Ties Game Free

In this world, peace never lasts. Humans are a chaotic race, with ever changing leaders who have no reason to honor their predecessor’s word.
In the north, there lies the town of Frost. Brokering a deal with humans, the town grew quickly. It was the perfect place for the new King, Kalavant,
to secure to start his plans. To eradicate all of the other races.

You have been forced to flee from your home, and must seek out others to help you stop the eradication of the world at the hands of The New Order.
In your journey you will travel across Viscordia, meet interesting allies, and perhaps even find romance when your journey comes to an end.


Low Numbers System
Put off by extremely high numbers? I’ve revamped the RPGMaker system to create a low number, easy to keep up with set of stats.

Realistic Monster Hunting
Your everyday creatures doesn’t carry sacks of money around in its claws, around its fuzzy waist, or in its pincers. Take the tastiest
and shiniest parts and eat them, sell them, or even find an alchemist to turn them into useful supplies.

Three Classes

Be the Archer,
Use quick speed and high chance of critical hits to take out weaker opponents in combat.

Be the Soldier,
The tank of the adventuring party, take a defensive stance or deal high damage!

Be the Sage,
Take your time and learn the weaknesses of Viscordias monsters. Attack with the right elements to do massive damage!

Unique Skills

75 Available Skills
All Allies in the game have their own classes and unique skills, but to truly find power above the rest, you will need to find
techniques locked away in ancient artifacts…

Five Continents
Each presents its own style of environment and enemy types, from the icy vistas of the Arctic Elves, to the maze-like crags of the Dwarven mountains.

Extra Features

Turn the goo of your slimy enemies into delicious health potions.

Feeling tired? Bored? Nap through all those long scenes of dialogue. Everyone needs their beauty sleep.

Become the Monster (aka my roommate) and grind for 40 Health Potions before you even leave the first act.

Pay a mercenary gang to deal with a boss fight for you. Hey, you earned that money after all!

Listen to the banter of your party members. Not everyone always gets along.


Press ALT+ENTER to shift the game into fullscreen.
Hold down Shift to run.
Press Enter to interact with people and containers.
When naming your character, hit X to backspace!

Broken Ties Free Download

Genre: Adventure, RPG
Developer: Tninja1337
Publisher: Tninja1337
Release Date: 13 Apr, 2018

Broken Ties Android and IOS Free Download Game APK

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